Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 days!

I started this blog with teeny tiny baby steps -- one post a year ago that I didn't tell anyone I wrote. Then a post ten days ago that I let my husband read. Then another then another then another then I let two friends read it. Now it's been ten days, and I still won't tell many people about it, but I don't cringe when someone tells me they posted it on their Facebook page (okay, I'm being grandiose, but it has happened, twice.)

I don't want to be a giant goofball, though it comes naturally to me, but I want to tell you that every time I hit "publish post" I feel like I'm walking naked through the grocery store.

(Yeah, that's not such a good visual with all that food. How about naked through the elementary school? Nope, just creepy. How about just naked anywhere in public? That's it. There you go.)

It's very, very hard to write something I think is funny or interesting and then put it out there, open to ridicule and criticism. It's definitely new territory for me, and it's going out on a limb. But it's something that is, for some reason, fulfilling me, and making me really happy.

So. To every one of my friends and family members who have encouraged me to write, or who have read any of these posts and laughed, or checked back the next day for another one, or told their friends to read, or told me you liked it, thank you very, very much. I appreciate it every single time. The very lost feeling I've had since Jack went to kindergarten is ebbing day by day. This blog could end tomorrow or I could be some toothless old lady slamming the keys on an ancient computer to get my dying thoughts out there (and seriously, at that point, you can really stop reading) -- I have no clue what will happen. My friend Chrissy, when I called her in a moment of embarrassed panic, gave me the marching orders I will continue to follow: "Wake up. Will writing be fun? Then write. Go to bed. Repeat."

Anyway, thanks. It's important to me that I say that.

Sappy commercial over.

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