Thursday, March 17, 2011

5:44 pm Thursday

Pounding, pulsing, throbbing headache.

Caroline is screaming at me because I can't think of one more f*ing adjective with an -iew spelling pattern.

Jack is crying because I didn't spend three hours making "pot of gold" cupcakes and then surprising him at lunch.

The (supposedly geriatric) dog just jumped up and ate the ENTIRE MEGAPACK OF PORK CHOPS I PLANNED TO MAKE FOR DINNER. That's 16 pork chops. Please don't ask me why I bought the pack of 16. I can't pass up a bargain, okay?

Do all caps denote the fact that I am yelling? Because I am. Calgon, take me away. Jose Cuervo, take me away. Someone just get me out of here....


  1. I vote for Robert Mondavi. Just sayin'. :)

  2. Having just lost our dog I would give anything to have pork chops stolen off of the kitchen table tonight. This coming from a woman who said a couple of years ago after you had a similar story that I would be outraged if that ever happened and likely have to get rid of the dog. What I wouldn't give to switch places with you.