Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Administrative note

I wanted to have a domain name that was easier to remember for this blog. Whit put on his thinking cap and came up with ""

This website name means a lot to us. When Caroline was learning to talk, she very proudly marched up to a puddle one day, pointed at it, and said clearly, and with great excitement, "Duddle!" It was one of her first real words and it's always been part of our family lexicon. It reminds us of those days when we didn't know what we were doing or what was ahead but we were enjoying the ride...exactly what I'm trying to do with this new phase of my life.

So, thank you again for all the support you've given me. This blog is lots of fun and it's scratching that writing itch for me. I hope that each entry either leaves you laughing, relating to me, feeling warned about what's ahead for you or just full of gratitude your life is saner than mine!

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