Thursday, March 10, 2011

Midlife crisis, in process forward one year. Still hate that I turned 40 (and refuse to acknowledge I now must turn 41). Still sad the only child who is nice to me goes to kindergarten each day. Still want a job (and by that I mean I want to sit at home and write for six hours while the kids are in school and get paid for it). And...big change last elderly father orchestrated an incredibly thorough effort to excavate most of my yard, pour steps, gut and redo my basement, sell his house in Palm Beach, send all his possessions to an auction house in New York, hop on the auto train and MOVE INTO MY BASEMENT. Have I mentioned I live in a little Cape Cod? Yup, so now I am not only depressed that I sit at home all day and try to find intellectual satisfaction in Costco runs and piles of laundry, but I am also reduced to screaming into my dad's deaf ears ("Do you need anything at the store?" "What?" "The store. Need anything at the store?" "No, I'm fine, I don't need anything more.") and arguing with him over whether or not the cleaning lady actually stole his toilet brush. Seriously, what is she going to do, put it on ebay?

I have become friends with two fantastic fellow kindergarten moms, and they reminded me that I once wanted to blog, so I'll try it again. Frankly, I find the idea abhorrent, the same way I find Facebook abhorrent -- who the hell cares what I think or what I do? How incredibly narcissistic is it that I would assume anyone cares? But, then I remember how much I love to walk my dog when it's just getting dark and no one has closed their blinds but they have all their lights's just a peek into someone else's life. It's interesting like a car crash. You peek, look away, peek, thank God it's not your life then move on. So, we'll see what happens. And yes, I do have a Facebook account. And I like it.

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