Sunday, March 20, 2011

An afternoon adventure...

...with a little girl who coined the term "pre-teen" when she was five and hasn't let up since. Here's a particularly illustrative example of what a tired Caroline can be like:

1. We're going to get a birthday present for a party Jack is about to attend. Happy.

2. I don't understand the BFF charm bracelet she wants to get Maddie; it sounds to me like she's trying to score a bracelet for herself. I say no. Mad.

3. We drop Jack off at the birthday party. Happy.

4. She finds shorts she likes at Gap. Still happy.

Wait for it...

Wait for it....

5. They don't have them in her size. Mad.

6. I buy things for Jack. Ooooooh, really mad.

7. I tell her she's driving me crazy. Shocked and mad.

(Really? You had no idea you're being a pain in the butt?)

8. I buy her ice cream. Happy.

9. She has to wait five minutes for Jack's party to end. Bored.

10. We're going to the airport to pick up Daddy. Elated. Like the past five days have been sheer torture.

And Mommy? I bought two pairs of pants and a pair of shoes, and soon it will be cocktail hour, and then I will be happy, happy, happy.

(Lest you attempt to stage an intervention or two, no, she's not bipolar, and no, I'm not an alcoholic. But she is moody. And I do like wine. And maybe those two things are occasionally related.)

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