Friday, April 15, 2011

Mind games

Truth be told, I got a little nervous when I got an email from a Psychology Today expert asking if she could repost one of my blog entries. You have to understand that this blog is like a journal to me…it’s totally unfiltered, sometimes the grammar isn’t perfect, and everything I write is exactly what I'd say if was talking to a friend. I don’t really think so much about what I write; I just write. I don’t even think that anyone will actually ever read it.

(As an aside, I really am a super private person. It’s hilarious that I, who will not name my children on Facebook, will publish stories about their poop on the internet.)

Anyway, I got an email like that, and at first I was just happy that there was one, single person on the planet who voluntarily reads my blog (as opposed to the family members and friends I stalk until they tell me that yes, they read it, and yes, they laughed/cried/vomited).

But then I realized it was PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. Emphasis on the psychology. And I realized that my little blog was probably a case study for everything that can go awry with the human psyche. I envisioned this woman, who seemed so sweet and funny over email, saying in a monotone, “And in the March 27 entry, we see significant signs of depression. The bipolar disorder is present on March 31, and the narcissism is clearly evident on March 18.”

So it’s been with a little trepidation I’ve checked my email to see if she was letting me know she posted something. I was half terrified of a diagnosis and half relieved that my blog tells you everything you need to know about me, so I don’t have to rehash it all in order to get the diagnosis.

Alas, I got the email, and found that my impression of Randi Epstein, M.D. as a sweet, funny fellow mom was correct. If you want to see the post that made her feel better about her own harried life, click here:

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