Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jack's perfect day

The assignment was to write how you'd spend your perfect day.

This is what Jack wrote:

I would like to run.
I would want to get a flashlight.
Next I would want to eat pancakes.
Then I would like to score a goal.
Next I would like to plant.
I would like to buy something.
I would like to spend time with my dad.
I would like to swim.

Wouldn't you love to be in kindergarten again, for just one day? Doesn't this remind us of how simple life used to be, before we made it so difficult, or it made us so difficult? This is seriously all the stuff Jack ever thinks about. He's either very happy or just a complete moron. I'll assume he's happy.

P.S. And WOW what serendipity -- I posted this and the ad right next to it was for 50% off flashlights!! Is it a conflict of interest if I click on my own ad???

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