Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lunch, and then some

Jack keeps asking me to come in and have lunch with him. This month has been crazy busy and today is the first chance I have to do it. He’s very excited.

I thought I’d surprise him and bring in brownies for the whole class. I was feeling pretty good – he was happy I was coming in, and I was happy I had a surprise for him.

Until this morning.

"You'll be there for lunch, right? As soon as I walk in?"

Yup. I promise.

A heartbeat of silence. Then:

“Mom, can you play soccer pretty well?”

“Um, maybe, depending on the shoes I’m wearing.” I looked at my feet. “I can’t play soccer in flip flops. Why?”

“Well, it would be really great if you came a little before lunch and played soccer with me.”

Okay, Jack, I’ll try. I’ll change my shoes.

“Well, and you know what, Mommy? It would be particularly great if you would sneak up on me. I like it when you do that.”

Okay, yeah, right, change shoes, sneak up on you, then play soccer. Got it. Then have lunch with you, then surprise you with the brownies.

"Maybe while I'm standing by the blue slide. That's a good time to sneak up on me, right?"

(This is getting a little stressful. Lots of to-dos, and they have to be in the right order.)

“Oh, and Mommy?”

WHAT, Jack?

“So, if you came even before recess, you could sit with me in Writer’s Center. Maybe you could help me spell some of the big words.”

Yes, Jack, and if we keep going, you can crawl right back into my womb. Isn’t that what you’re ultimately going for?

Freud would have a flippin’ field day with this child.

And yes, he’d probably decide I’m nuts, too. After all, it’s kind of odd I have one child who can’t let go while the other one is mentally decorating her college dorm room.

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