Thursday, May 19, 2011

Of tomato note -- reposted from last Thursday after Blogger lost it

My husband is mortified that I am (hopefully) growing tomatoes on my driveway. Mortified. My HUSBAND who is from GEORGIA and dreams of driving a PICKUP TRUCK and FISHING for a living thinks I’m a little rednecky.

Oh, the irony. If you knew him and you knew me, you’d say, “Oh, the irony.”

“Can’t we just move it to the side yard?” he asked.

“No,” I patiently replied, “I have logged the hours of sunlight received by various locations for a week, and this four-foot-square area gets maximum sunlight. Which I need if I am to grow even one tomato.”

Which I am clearly so fixated on doing I will throw my self-respect under a bus and grow a garden on my driveway.

I cleared my throat. “And I will need to put chicken wire around it to keep the rabbits out.”

He handed me a piece of grass to stick between my teeth, shook his head and walked inside.

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