Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Today we did something really fun and totally different. Yes, we were on the beach, and yes, we've seen countless families of deer mommies and babies, both of which have made today interesting. But after lunch, the kids and Whit and my MIL and I piled into the golf cart, picked up a pre-loaded GPS and followed the coordinates of the GPS to answer trivia questions. We drove all over the island for two hours and answered 12 questions: some serious, some quirky and fun, and some silly. Finding the answers led us way, way out on a pier over translucent blue waters, hiking through a literal jungle to find out what a Quercus virginiana was, spotting alligators trying to eat yellow-bellied sliders (trying to avoid the pintail fish feeding on the algae of the turtles), and climbing to the top of a lighthouse for nine birds-eye views of the island. We were limited to four hours, and when we finished, we returned to the store so they could check our answers. Imagine the thrill for the kids when they got all twelve answers right and were rewarded with a shiny trophy proclaiming them "2011 GPS champions."

Now we're just taking a quick break at the pool and then we're headed out for cocktails on the beach with The Cousins -- our house and the other house, which is filled with two of Whit's four sisters and all their kids. We all get dressed nicely, bring cocktails and appetizers on the beach, take some nice family pictures (and hopefully get at least one good Christmas-card picture), and then feign horror as all of our well-dressed, showered children plunge back into the ocean in their clothes. The whole event is a great tradition, though I admit to some public discomfort when my children tell people one of their favorite things to do on vacation is have cocktails on the beach!

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