Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goodbye, Wayne, Eubie, Twinkle, Kip and Fran...

I had a really, really sad moment today.

And if you’re goopy/sappy/demented, you’ll get it. If you’re a tough cookie, you’ll roll your eyes.

But here it is.

I can’t remember the theme song to Higglytown Heroes.


For a million mornings, for a million years, I listened to the Higglytown Heroes theme song. I watched it with Caroline, then Caroline and Jack. We loved how everyone was a hero, even (God-please-tell-me-it’s-true) the strung-out, exhausted, sleep-deprived suburban mom.

I WAS a Higglytown Hero, damnit! I was! For years I identified with those little Chinese-doll-shaped characters that saved the world, one ordinary day at a time. The kid with the glasses? The chubby blonde one? I loved them all. They made me happy. They made the kids happy. They were sweet and innocent and so were my adorable kids.

And now we’re in a world of Phineas and Ferb and (God forbid) Zeke and Drake and Josh (and other pre-pubescent nerds) On Deck and farts are funny and everyone says “stupid” and "butt” and…

…ohhhhhh what I wouldn’t give for one innocent, preschool morning of those silly Higglytown Heroes.

Who meant so much to me.

Whose theme song I can’t even hum.

Sad, sad, sad.

No, I don’t want my kids so stunted that they love Higglytown Heroes when they’re twelve. But couldn’t those glory days of totally naive kids (and mothers) have lasted just a little, tiny bit longer? Couldn't we even remember the theme song, after all that?

No. Because farts are funny. And some things really are stupid. And saying “tushie” just isn’t the same as saying ”butt.” And I have the theme song to "Shake it Up" in my head now.

So goodbye, Wayne and Eubie, Twinkle and Kip, and the omnipresent squirrel Fran.

I’ll miss you guys as much as I miss my little girl in pigtails and my little boy in his Spiderman costume.

But we all have to grow up sometime.

Even me.

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  1. Drake & Josh is Lucy and Ethel reincarnated along with some other great TV vaudeville actors. That's some funny shit.