Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heaven in a little brown box

School gets out tomorrow and by Saturday we will be off on our annual beach vacation with Whit’s family. This trip, which is on a (what could be considered) remote island, requires lots of packing and planning, particularly if you’re committed to brands like I am and will insist on Charmin toilet paper or Bounty paper towels. Slim pickins on the island, so you get it here and haul it there.

Anyway, one big luxury for me on this annual trip is that I get to read. I like to read – a lot – and would rather read than watch television or even sometimes sit around and talk. There’s a bookwormy hermit buried deep inside my manically social self, and the beach is where I can abandon my happy children to their dad (who thinks it’s a treat to spend a week playing with them) and my in-laws (ditto). I play with them all the time, so it’s not as rare an occurrence for me, and I can enjoy a little bit of Julie time.

So another bookwormy hermit friend (hello, Chrissy!) gave a book five stars and an amazingly glowing review on I looked it up on Amazon, and all I saw was the length (576 pages) before my heart started palpitating and I was short of breath. YES!!! A TOME for the beach, and one that promises to be, if not five stars, at least interesting. She’s got good taste, so I don’t even care what it’s about. I ordered it.

And I just got it. That brown box…that shrink wrap… I am giddy with the promise it holds. I know when I turn those pages I’ll be sitting on the beach at one of my favorite places on the planet. I know I’ll be relaxed, I know I’ll be with my family and people I really love, I know I’ll have a glass of wine next to me and I know I’ll be completely engrossed, entertained and transported to a different place and time. I can’t wait.

On one level, it’s pretty pathetic that I am so over-the-top excited about a single book. But, those of you who get really excited to hear there’s a new Ann Patchett novel or love to peruse the NY Times Bestseller List will completely understand why this is a pretty exciting purchase for me.

Stay tuned. I'll let you know if it lives up to the hype.


  1. Enjoy! I just downloaded the new Ann Patchett and I'm reading Cleopatra for bookclub.

    Have a wonderful vacation!!

  2. If you don't like the book, there is something seriously wrong with my taste! However, WARNING!!! It will NOT, I repeat NOT help you with the I-dont-want-them-to-grow-up conflict - in fact, it will dig the knife in deeper. So, absolutely read it - but if you choose to read it on the beach, have a feel-good book on tap for afterwards!!! Love you and have a great time at the beach. :)