Friday, June 3, 2011

Kyle, continued

Do you guys remember Kyle, our family friend who has been battling cancer since he was ten? (Click here to read that entry. And when words are underlined and a different color, it means I'm linking them to another site or another post, and you can click on them. I'm very proud of myself for knowing how to do that, fyi.)

Kyle's parents have a page for Kyle, which is basically a blog to keep all of us updated on his progress. Whit and I read all the updates, but yesterday was the first time Kyle was the author of the post.

And I'm going to repost his entry here, so that you can see for yourself just what kind of kid Kyle is. When you read this, you'll see why everyone who meets this kid is touched to their core. He is incredible.

This is something I wrote and would like to share:

Cancer is a living Hell. But as u suffer through Hell u meet new people, that don't care what u look like or even were u come from. U earn a new perspective on life. U look at every moment of every day as it is your last. When u walk into a cancer clinic you do not see people suffering in misery, but u see normal smiling kids who life have been turned in an uncontrollable spiral. If u ask every cancer patient if they are scared if the cancer will come back, they do not face the subject with fear but with courage and a will to kick cancer in the ass again. If u ask me if I am mad I got cancer the answer is yes, but if u ask me if I would pass it off of me and onto another person I will say no. Cancer is Hell but it is a Hell that has made me a stronger and more driven individual.

I would have to say I am one of the lucky ones. I am still living on this Earth, still taking in deep breaths of air, and enjoying the company of my family. People keep saying how did u make it, all I can tell them is just kept thinking and realizing that I did not have it as bad as some of the kids.

Getting cancer is not a club that u would be happy to join but a change in your life that can make you a better person or drive you down in pain, I will admit I did have trouble at times to continue but, when ever I reached that point my family would encourage me to keep going. I realized that I will not let this hell take me out of this world and away from my family.

Every night when I lay in my bed and look at the ceiling I think of all the kids and families that are not as lucky as me and have gone through changes that will never be overcome. I pray for all the kids that I meet in the cancer clinic and all the kids that I have not had the privilege of meeting.

I do not look at cancer as a totally miserable experience, in some way I look at it in a way of a blessing.

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