Thursday, June 9, 2011

My soulmate

I'm at home, my husband is at work. At a busy, stressful job. But he just sent me an email, and this is all it said:

Here in Higglytown

Things all jump around

Just like the Higglytown heroes

(Our heroes)

They all work together

Making fun together

Come see the Higglytown heroes

Eubie Wayne Twinkle Kip and Fran

All hop and pop around

Soon they'll learn about real heroes

Who and why and how

Here in Higglytown

We'll all jump around

And meet the Higglytown heroes

(Our heroes)

We'll all work together

Having fun together

With all the Higglytown heroes

Let's all play together

Save the day together

Come join the Higglytown heroes

Gotta love that guy. Thanks for making me smile, honey.

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