Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Loving my new galaxy...

Caroline and Jack just finished a pancake breakfast and then Caroline shouted, "First one to make their bed wins! Neatly! Mom's the judge!"


Have I been abducted by aliens and plopped down in the middle of the Cleaver family? Seriously...it was a normal morning...one in which I was thinking that if no one ever took a picture of me from behind, maybe I wouldn't worry about my fat ass. That was what was on my mind (in a sort of obsessive way, I admit). Caroline was complaining because she didn't want to watch "baby" cartoons (Phineas just farted; that's hardly anything like Blue's Clues) and Jack was begging me to put chocolate chips in the pancakes instead of blueberries.

Caroline complaining and Jack eating? And me obsessing? Normal, normal, normal.

And now this. I really feel like I've entered the twilight zone.

Wait...I just heard her say, "First one to brush their teeth wins!"

Oh, aliens, thank you. Please keep me here for the rest of the summer. It's my happy place.

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