Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Someone stepped on a crack

I have a ruptured disc in my back. The last time it hurt was last fall, and it kind of got better on its own (right about the time they mentioned surgery). Very, very unfortunately, it's hurt (mildly) since the long car trip to the beach, and more unfortunately, now it hurts majorly. In that I mean there's no comfortable position, sitting or lying down or standing. I don't like drugs (most painkillers make me itch or throw up) so my options are limited.

Whit would tell you I'm not that stoic because he listens to me moan every time I move. But, until I wrote about it here, no one else really could really know how much it hurts because I think it makes me sound like a grandmother or a pregnant lady to say, "Oh, my aching back!" So I don't say it. I just shoot the kids death glares if they tackle-hug me in public.

Anyway, this morning I googled (yes, I do love Google) exercises for herniated discs, and one article talked about the type of person usually afflicted:

1. Obese.

2. Drives a truck for a living.

3. Engages in intense manual labor or heavy lifting for a living.

Geesh. Couldn't I even have an injury that's slightly refined? Or just more me, or who I would like to be? Couldn't ruptured discs come from whipping up fabulous dinners, playing umpteen games of Marco Polo in the pool or having a knack for cracking perfectly timed jokes?

Do I have to have the one injury shared by fat truck drivers who lift a lot of heavy things??

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  1. Personally, I think Google or wikipedia should have an entry that defines ruptured or herniated discs as "Research has shown to be typically found on mothers. On average, women have 2 damaged disc per child due to the weight carried during pregnancy". So you're still allowed 3 more! Feel better Julie!