Saturday, August 13, 2011

The power of television

Do you guys remember the post on Jack and the infomercials? The kid loves infomercials.

This morning, we hit a new low. He was laying in our bed, watching cartoons. Suddenly he ran downstairs and into the kitchen and handed me the phone, where I heard a lady saying, "Hello? Sir?"

"Jack, who is it?" I whispered.

"Mommy, talk to her! She needs your credit card number!"

Jack had called the number to order Slushy Magic. Really, they let a six year old get all the way to the point where they need a credit card.

He is either incredibly smart and determined OR so totally manipulative I need to worry about him turning into a serial killer.

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  1. I literally just saw one at a yard sale on Clue Drive. Go! Go! Go!