Thursday, September 8, 2011

The dark side, take II

Do you guys remember my report from the front lines? My funny, pretty, smart friend’s attempts to find a dating life after divorce? Well, the story continues.

Caving to pressure from friends who'd had success with online dating, she decided to create a brief, not too revealing profile over the Labor Day weekend. If nothing else, this would allow her to browse the profiles of the smart, handsome men who are supposedly out there, online. (Apparently, that's the price of entry; you have to have a profile to view profiles). She found a picture that showcased her welcoming smile and her (shockingly unwrinkled) healthy complexion. And she hit "upload" just so she could see who was out there.

She received an almost instant response, within the first 24 hours:

"I looked at your profile and thought you looked gorgeous."

That’s positive, right?

"You seem smart and confident."

Just what everyone wants to hear, right?

"I’d love to meet you for drinks sometime."

Home run!



Kristin like Christian, a boy who can’t spell his name right?


A girl.

My friend threw out her dating line and hooked a WOMAN.

Which would be something to be celebrated, if my friend wasn’t clearly looking for a MAN.

Not a match made in heaven. Not particularly harmonious.

But absolutely hilarious!

I think maybe she should stick to the short guy with bad teeth.

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