Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yet another reason Mommy drinks

My adorable, innocent first grade son usually comes home from school and tells me something interesting he learned.

Usually it’s about continents or dinosaurs or multiplication.

Tonight, however, this was our dinner table conversation:

Jack: Hey, Mommy, I learned a new word today.

Me, thinking it will be evidence of advanced verbal intelligence: Really, honey? What is it?

Jack, proudly: Fuckerdoodle!

Me, horrified: Jack, no. You can’t ever say that word. There’s a very bad word in there.

Jack: Yeah. I know. Fuck. Eddie taught me that one, too.

And in a split second, I reversed my decision and chose to give up chocolate for Lent instead of wine.


  1. Pretty sure my kid was in first grade when he let loose with his first naughty word. On the playground. Of his Catholic school.

    I would never give up wine...

  2. It will never get old hearing that story. God bless those little innocent boys!