Thursday, July 5, 2012


(I know I haven't posted in a long time. But with the end of school and my vacationing working husband and vacation and then, just as I was getting back to normal, a tree crashing through my roof and no power and post-derecho Armageddon in my neighborhood, I haven't been able to write anything. But this is short.)

So for many years, I've read a popular and syndicated advice columnist named Carolyn Hax. She's very funny and practices tough love much more successfully than I do. Today she emailed me (!!!) and asked if she could post one of my blog entries on her Facebook page (!!!!!). I admit I almost wet my pants before I said yes. So here it is, a thrilling moment after a really...well...turbulent week.

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  1. And she picked what is probably my favorite blog entry of yours to date!!! :)