Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shameless self promotion....

As you might know, a big reason I persevere with this blog is because I think it would be the coolest thing in the world to have, in writing, my mom's thoughts and stories of my childhood. Particularly since she died so young, I'd love to know if (or confirm that) I drove her crazy or made her laugh. I'd love to remember awesome trips we took or great birthday parties we had; and I'd love to get to know a younger me from the perspective of my (still) 43-year-old self. It's a gift I'm trying to leave my own kids.

To this end, I've often wanted to write a post about an amazing book club a friend of mine started when Caroline was in first grade. I want my daughter to always remember the afternoons we spent discussing fantastic books with our friends, and to actually have directions on how she could do the same thing with her kids.

Thanks to Twitter, I got to know Leah Lesser of Barefoot Books, and she inspired me to sit down and do it (and then take the scary step of sending it somewhere).

The product is on Mamalode's website today. Check it out!

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